By day I work for Mightybytes, where I build websites and web apps.

I’m a supporter of and believer in open source. Here are a few of my meager attempts to give back to the community. If you like what I’m doing, feel free to show me a little love.


Componentizer is a tiny MVC for components, allowing users to create and rearrange components at will. Componentizer primarily handles the routing and controlling, utilizing Advanced Custom Fields PRO for the model layer and the Timber Library for the view layer. Componentizer makes use of the WordPress template hierarchy, making it easy to customize the design of components depending on their context. Check out my slides from Milwaukee WordCamp,

Lazy Load XT

I’m the creator and maintainer of the Lazy Load XT WordPress plugin, the fastest, lightest, fully customizable lazy load plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Lazy Load XT lets you lazy load images, videos and more. With Lazy Load XT, the website only loads an image or video if it’s visible on your visitor’s screen. That means your site loads faster and runs more sustainably. Learn more about sustainable web design.

The plugin uses the Lazy Load XT jQuery plugin developed by the folks at

Theme Handbook

I contribute to the Theme Handbook over at Documentation is the least sexy part of any developer’s job, but someone has to do it. Unlike most developers, I enjoy trying to communicate complicated technical concepts to folks who aren’t technically inclined.