About Me

I develop websites and apps that do cool things for clients who are also doing cool things. I’m currently a web developer at Mightybytes. WordPress is my bread and butter, but I like to play around with Laravel.

The History of Me

I started programming QBasic on the first Personal Computer that my parents bought—a Windows 3.11 machine. When I was a sophomore in high school, my friend showed me how to view-source a webpage, and I started learning HTML.

My first website was complete with blue text on black background and animated .gifs. Hey, we all have to start somewhere.

Since then I’ve been picking up new skills by osmosis mostly. Over time my skill set has shifted from front-end-centric (HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery) to progressively more back-end heavy (WordPress, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Apache).

How to Nerdsnipe Me

Aside from web development, I nerd out over traveling, cooking and language. I’m a total xenophile.

I’ve been to 34 countries so far, and plan to make it the other 162 before I die. Some of my favorite places include Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, and Thailand.

Check out places I’ve lived, travelled to, and what’s next on my list on my Google Map.

When I run out of money to travel, I like to cook. I especially love complex recipes that require doing everything from scratch. Past culinary exploits include homemade sourdough, urban-foraged mushrooms, DIY yogurt and cheese, and home brewed beer.